Catarina's Dream

Catarina’s Dream of Daladräkt

Catarina af Sandeberg, founder and creator of Daladräkt, is the great-grand niece of Wilma and Elsa, sisters of her grandmother Hildur.
She grew up in Stockholm and spent her holidays at Långbersgården, which in the 1950’s was inherited by her father. During her time at the hotel, she was surrounded by Swedish artists and authors, and began appreciating the culture of her land. The fairy-tale lady Astrid Lindgren spent her holidays at Långbersgården with her family. In the evenings, after a day in the beautiful surroundings, she would mesmerize Catarina and the other children with her stories by the fireplace. This memory contributed to the magical aura of the folk costumes around Catarina’s home. Through the years, she became very passionate about seeing and wearing the Dalecarlia costumes, and she discovered the constraints of owning a folk costume, due to its high cost.
Catarina slowly developed her dream to make the folk costumes available to everyone, to pass on her love for traditions to you and your family, and to continue the long heritage of Swedish folklore.