Långbers Family

The Långbers Family

Two enterprising sisters

Daladräkt owes its foundation to the sisters Elsa and Wilma Långbers, who in the 1930s purchased land and founded the weaving-school and handicraft Center Sätergläntan in Insjön, south of Leksand in the very folklore-center of Dalecarlia. Sätergläntan is today a Swedish center for craftsmanship and renown around the world.

The foresighted sisters also established Långbersgården, the Långbers Healthhome, a popular hotel that in the list of guests has included a long row of musicians, painters and authors such as Astrid Lindgren, Hugo Alfvén, Vilhelm Moberg – and the Swedish Royal Family!
Elsa and Wilma, along with a third sister Ingeborg and thousands of Swedes, embarked the ships to visit the new world. After many adventures, the sisters returned to their beloved Dalecarlia.

Helmer, Elsa and Wilma’s brother, has a daughter, Ingrid, who is an expert on folkdräkter.