How to wear the Daladräkt

How to wear the Daladräkt

Daladräkt’s garments are designed after the models from the area around Leksand and Insjön. You can customize your own Dala outfit, but we would like to give you some tips on how to dress up in the Daladräkt.

Many Dalecarlian girls, Kullor, receive their first adult Daladräkt in their early teens – after setting aside their yellow childhood outfit, white stockings and rose-patterned shawl and bonnet.

The most well-known costume combination is an all-round costume which consists of a black skirt, topped by a striped woven apron (magden). A red vest (bodice, shed) with in-woven stripes sits on a blouse (yvördelen), made of white cotton jacquard (sometimes cashmere) with lace on the sleeve. The shawl (halsklädet, assklä) is an important part of the costume, and Kullor often wear their scarf with the classic rose pattern, reminding of the designs of their childhood. The shawl is carefully pinned in the front with a handmade silver brooch. Occasionally, a white scarf and white bonnet can be worn in place of the traditional rose-patterned garments.
Hair can be collected in a cap (kelinghatt), matching the shawl, or alternatively it can be braided with a traditional patterned-Dala ribbon running through the braids.
The garments are matched to red stockings and black low-heel shoes. High-heel shoes can be an alternative. The purse is always worn on the right side on top of the apron.
The Daladräkt can be complemented with a green or red skirt to wear on special occasions and festivities, like weddings and Christmas Day.
For the green and red skirt, it is typical to wear a solid color apron.

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